Mike Slauenwhite CD Release Party

One of Canada’s best fiddlers over the past fifty years is the talented and versatile Mike Slauenwhite. Whether performing on the CBC TV Country Hoedown, The CKNX Barndance, The Ice Capades or the KW Symphony, Mike’s professionalism and great talent shines through.

The front cover art I designed was actually a composite of three different photographs of Mike, since the speed of his fiddling tends to leave one part or another out of focus. Just telling you that is bad enough, I’m certainly not going to show you how I did it.

What I will do is show you the zoom portrait I made of Mike for the interior bio panel of the CD. This is the original 8″ x 10″ photograph of the Silver Bar Ranch Gang probably taken in the 1950’s.

Circa 1950's TV Broadcast, The Silver Bar Ranch Gang

Taking the thumbnail sized image of Mike out of the print I was able to blow it up large enough to make a nice 8″ x 10″ individual portrait of Mike. Should I mention that removing Bill Brady’s hand from Mike’s shoulder improved the individual portrait enormously?

Mike Slauenwhite

Mike’s excellent CD “Mixing It Up” is being launched at a Southern Ontario CD Release Party at the Commercial Tavern in Maryhill Sunday April 11th, 2010 between 2-5pm. Mike will of course be performing many of his great fiddle tunes and I have no doubt that he will be joined by many other exceedingly talented entertainers. Hope to see you there.


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3 Responses to “Mike Slauenwhite CD Release Party”

  1. 1 Jeff June 30, 2010 at 11:05 pm

    I love my dad and it cannot be helped.
    I got to listen to him practice every day.
    He has been the biggest inspiration in my life and hundreds of others.
    Fame and fortune was never the plan.
    He just loves to please with his gift.
    His gift has been passed along to his children and his grandchildren and his great grandchildren.
    Even after working all day, Mom said, he had to give us kids the belt before he could practice for the K-W Symphony.
    We were such bad kids……
    You did the right thing Dad…Love You!

  2. 2 George Lonsbury November 24, 2010 at 2:38 pm

    I have had the pleasure of playing along side this fine gentleman for many years on the barn dance among other places, and i have always looked up to Mike to be all, and do all you can to play the best job you can, and he would always have time to see it through.This man has made a big mark on the music industry and with that i thank him with all my heart. You are an inspiration to us all. YOUR BUDDY GEORGE

  1. 1 Farewell Mike Slauenwhite « lothlaurien's lore Trackback on December 4, 2010 at 4:12 am

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