Today a serendipitous photo blog.

Front of the tiny Finer showing the cool "take out" sign

I picked up a hand cut french fries, awesome burger with fried onions
and an A&W root beer (woo hoo!) from Mark’s Downtown Diner
(beside the Gaukel Street bus depot) in Kitchener,
and was minding my own business having lunch
in Kitchener’s idyllic Victoria Park…

looking way up at the statue of Victoria

…when the afternoon was shaken up by the rumbling of loud engines.

atrio of propellor planes flying formation

It was at that point I remembered that tomorrow

Saturday 19 June 2001

is the first day of  the

as they roar over my head trailing ornamental smoke

Waterloo/Wellington Flight Center’sAviation Airshow & Expo

Three fly over, two trail smoke

In the early days of aviation flyers would travel from town to town
putting on shows and selling rides.

To whip up excitement they would buzz around and capture the attention of the townsfolk.

The three planes fly away again.
Just like they did today. I haven’t been to an airshow in years,
but this one has caught my fancy.

Not only will the Snowbirds be there, but the most famous
“celebrity” plane in the world –the Memphis Belle– will be there too.
This airshow runs both Saturday and Sunday.



2 Responses to “Barnstorming”

  1. 1 Lance Russwurm June 19, 2010 at 10:47 am

    The aircraft you photographed are Harvards (World War II advanced trainers) from the Canadian Harvard Aircraft Association in Tillsonburg, Ontario.

    Strictly speaking, it is not the “Memphis Belle” at the airshow, rather, it is the aircraft that played The Memphis Belle in the 1990 Hollywood film of the same name.

    Maybe I’ll see you there!

    • 2 lothlaurien June 19, 2010 at 10:30 pm

      Thanks I didn’t know that. I think planes are cool (from going to airshows as a kid) but I’m not good at identifying them.

      Too bad it isn’t the real Memphis Belle… but I saw the movie.


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