They’re Baaaaaack…

title over fire
The 22nd annual Waterloo Busker Carnival is on right now in Uptown Waterloo.

riding the triple unicycle through the crowd

I had an opportunity to catch some of the acts last night starting with that tri-unicycle madman Bob at Large

working on the sidewalk chalk mural

It was interesting watching the recreation of this masterpiece rendered in chalk by Chalkmaster Dave. Seeing his progress is one of the reasons for going back to the busker Carnival for an encore viewing.

carnival rides at night

There are carnival rides for those who like being both shaken and stirred.

collage of preparation and baking the pizza in a wood fired oven

And there are things to eat like this very tasty pizza cooked in this very cool… er hot… wood fired pizza oven. I can vouch for the Hawaiian Pizza created by Bread Heads Wood Fired Pizza

road sign

If you’ve never been to a busker festival, although admission is free, be aware that these performers are putting on a show. They don’t call it a “pitch” for nothing. This is what these entertainers do for a living, and they all have a patter designed to remind us that they expect fair payment when they pass the hat at the end. If you’ve got a steady income, drop some of that cash in the hat. All of them quite understand when funds are tight to non-existent, a good thing during these recessionary times, so if that’s the case at least pop round at the end to tell them how much you’ve enjoyed the performance.

the escape artist swaddled in chains atop a ladder over the crowd

My favorite of the evening was British escape artist Rob Roy Collins, whose polished act kept the audience rapt throughout. This is the first time I’ve seen an escape artist in the flesh and he did not disappoint. (I enjoyed the performance enough that I even coughed up up for the DVD.)

juggling fire

You might think a skateboarding fire eater and juggler might be a little flashy… and you’d be right. Fire Guy presented lots of sparks to end the evening on.

I’m definitely heading back out to see some more of the buskers, as the Carnival runs through Sunday, August 29th, 2010. Maybe we’ll see you there.

[Note: I know it’s frowned on to add material to a published article, but this was slapped together fast to help promote the Carnival, and didn’t have time to find links for the buskers with web presence. Today I took a little time to inserted the links I could find. If you’re one of the named buskers and prefer a different link please let me know and I’ll amend it. I did manage to get back for more and I hope revisit the 2010 Waterloo Busker Carnival in at least one more post. —lothlaurien]


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