Remembering Fall Colours

Larch Creek runs through Victoria Glen Park

Just to give you an idea of how deep my backlog is, after a photo shoot last fall I took some gorgeous shots in Victoria Glen Park with the intent of posting them here. And I’m only getting to it now. Eep.
Most of the gold and red leaves are on the ground, a log beside the path
Victoria Glen Park is a small forest that runs alongside the Kissing Bridge Trail which leads to West Montrose, home of the last remaining covered bridge in Ontario. [I’ll try to get out that way this summer to get some photos of the only designated heritage site in Waterloo Region.]

Fungus growing in Victoria Glen Park

I couldn’t believe all the varieties of fungal growth I found there.

Tree Fungus

When trees fall in a forest, they break down, and as it decays, it generates nutrients.

Fungal growth over fallen branches (cc by lothlaurien)

When I was small we used to take nature walks with my dad.

this fungus looks delicate like lace (cc by lothlaurien)

I’ve found tree fungus cool since then.

Fungus on the side of a stump

I haven’t the slightest idea of the proper names for any of these things.

Golden leaves soon to fall (cc by lothlaurien)
“Fungus” is about the best I can manage.

Of course I recognize these: maple leaves.

Victoria Glen Park path (cc by lothlaurien)

In 2009 Woolwich Council thought Victoria Glen Park was expendable, but the citizens let them different. Read about it in Preserve Victoria Glen Park

Victoria Glen Park still stands, but today it is under a different kind of threat.

Local landowner is pushing for a Biogas facility a stone’s throw from Victoria Glen Park. Biogas waste management systems exist in Europe in small scale, generating ‘green energy’ by being situated right where the waste is generated. Kind of like a farm scale composter. The problem here seems to be that the business interests want to situate the garbage facility beside the Kissing Bridge Trail, and this is planned as the largest such facility in the world, situated yards away from residences, an elementary school, the downtown core and Victoria Glen Park.

Even if by some miracle the waste processing in the facility does not smell bad, since all the waste will need to be trucked in, and the anticipated 80 or so trucks a day are limbering through town are unlikely to be hermetically sealed. The irony is that since both what goes in and comes out of the Biogas will require trucking, the ‘green’ energy ends up not being green at all. Victoria Glen Park may still be in danger.

all photographs by released under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 Canada License.


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