Preserve our Civil Liberties

[note:apologies for politics; back to art for next time. Problem is that political freedom is important if we want art to flourish.]

My local micro-newspaper, the The Woolwich Observer, has a very strong editorial this week, called, “First they came for your Internet connection.”

It’s a cautionary tale about the Federal Government’s planned Omnibus Bill that will include legislation formerly known as The Investigating and Preventing Criminal Electronic Communications Act (Bill C-52) and how dangerous this will be for Canadians. It’s bad. Very bad.

lawful access rules

These would bring into being sweeping Internet surveillance requirements, forcing Internet service providers to track your online activities, disclose personal information to the government and put in place even more sophisticated monitoring equipment. The information would be turned over without any judicial oversight.”

Steve Kannon, Woolwich Observer

This is not a good thing.

You can sign the petition at but it would be even better to call or email your federal MP


and tell him or her NO.


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