The natural world is a treasure trove of photographic possibiliy.

Lothlaurien’s Origin

After making my son’s seriously cool Frodo costume, I photoshopped him into Mordor for a Lord of The Rings contest.
(The photo won… woo hoo!)

Because the Mordor photo came from the the One Ring fan site, it was only fair to post photos on their site. And I since I had to chose a display name of course it could only be lothlaurien.

From that time on, whenever I’ve felt the urge to comment online, I’ve done so under the lothlaurien nom de plume.

lothlaurien online

I’ve been having a lot of fun simultaneously exploring and learning about the internet. I’ve put some photos on Flickr and just recently created my first wikipedia contribution with a biography of the Canadian singer/songwriter Julie Crochetière

The year that I was given the domain name for mother’s day, I just had to learn XHTML.

Thanks especially go to

  • for an excellent reference book and wonderful online tutorials that even >I< could follow, and
  • for really good online visual aids for HTML color tables and character entity charts which I still use.

The truly amazing thing is that so far I have barely touched the surface of these reference materials.

The website I created is The Forest of Lothlaurien.

My original idea was to create a fun website, but I guess it was inevitable that my digital imaging work would slip in when I wasn’t looking.

Creating personalized greeting cards was the genesis of my home business, Lothlaurien Cards, although now I create much more than cards through Lothlaurien Cards Graphic Art & Design The other area of digital imaging I work in is photo restoration and its’ off shoots. The techniques used in restoration can be applied to photographs in a variety of interesting ways. I call the resulting “photosynthesized” images “Magic Photos”. If you’re interested feel free to check out my PHOTOSYNTHESIS

I’ve had a lot of fun learning to hand code web pages, and it was especially cool to actually be able to impress the progeny.

lothlaurien’s lore

You might wonder what I’m doing here, since I could just as easily be doing this on my website.

The primary purpose for is to display my digital imaging and web design work, eventually films too I think.
lothlaurien’s lore is intended as a place to discuss digital imaging, music, photography: in short art, as well as ant interesting things that that are happening at Lothlaurien.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the occasional movie review didn’t find itself here as well, we’ll just have to see how things go.

Feel free to contact me at

Serendipitous Photography

Serendipitous Photography

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