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Over the years I’ve derived a great deal of enjoyment for Canada’s Arrogant Worms musical comedy group. the following image is a collage I assembled from photographs taken by Mike Gifford August 22, 2009 in Brittania Bay, Ottawa, ON, CA, and posted to his Flickr account under a Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike license. That grants me permission to alter the images and create this graphic. This is one example of what is now known as a “re-mix”.

Photos by Mike Gifford, CC BY-SA remixed into this collage by lothlaurien CC BY-SA


Bob Trembley is one of Canada’s premier dobro players, but the stage he performed on in Gore Park was actually a Gazebo with railings running around all sides. This effectively blocks the view, making it devilishly difficult to capture a single shot of Bob and the Dobro. As you can see, the only place I could get both in the shot I was blocked by this annoying microphone stand. Time to employ a little digital manipulation.


Even though I know how to do it, it still takes my breath away when I can employ image manipulation in such a dramatic way. It truly is magic.

I've magically removed microhone and stand from blocking the image


Lothlaurien’s CIRA contest Entry

Today is a red-letter day at Lothlaurien Lore with back-to-back blog posts.

My contest entry video needed it’s own post, and my video editing rant sure needed to be separate 🙂

I worked very hard to put this little film together. Even with the technical difficulties, it pretty much does what I want it to do, so I’m pretty proud of introducing


CIRA is the Canadian Domain Name Registry.  Canadians wishing to have a Canadian Domain Name can register their websites with CIRA. Today is the last day to enter the CIRA video contest to help Canadians promote their own DOTca websites along with the DOTca registry.

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