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19th Century Advertising: Seagram Distillers sign

When I was a child I didn’t much like downtown Waterloo because of the pervasive smell of the Seagram’s Distillery that hung over the city core.

Those days are long past, as manufacturing that decreases the quality of life is better relegated to more isolated locales. Waterloo today enjoys the reputation of being one of Ontario’s more livable cities.

Seagram loft windows with cheery blue probably decorative shutters

The Seagram industrial complex was remade into upscale loft housing some years back.

Barrel Warehouse Park sign

Originally there was an enormous pyramid of old barrels out front, making a wonderful historic bit of historic public art, but that has now been replaced by the more sedate “Barrel Warehouse Park”.

Seagrams Public Art

These days the park is graced by public art consisting of a few gigantic bits of miscellaneous machinery that presumably were once employed in the distillery business.

manmade waterfall in concrete

There is also an odd little man-made waterfall cascading out of a featureless concrete wall…

walled on the left side and at the back, a sloped concrete floor goes down to where a forlorn puddle forms beneath the waterfall

… to the floor of a sloped concrete enclosure. Presumably the puddle at the bottom is intended as a wading pool for local children.

ows of windows under the brick dentition at the top of the original exterior wall

But it is the ranks of identical windows flanked on one side by identical blue shutters that provides the real art to this architectural gentrification project.

rows of shutters

gift card vs. cool gift

Doing some last minute Chrishanukwandiwaleid shopping today, my friend was telling me why she hates gift cards. If you’re going to give a gift, she said, give an appropriate gift. If you want to give a gift of money, give real money, not a gift card.

When you give a gift card, you are forcing the recipient to shop in a specific store. Maybe they can’t find anything they want there. Maybe it will be a hardship for them to get to that store. How many kilometers away is it? Is it accessible by transit?

When your recipient finds something in it they want to buy, if it costs less than the amount on the card, they might be left with a card that has sixteen cents left on it. Or if they buy something that costs more, they have to give additional funds to the store.

Who does a gift card benefit, anyway?

I’m wondering how many gift cards never get used. Even if each card is left with a few cents unspent, the store benefits. In essence, the gift card is more of a gift to the seller.

One of my favorite stores is a shop called Green Earth, which can be found in Conestoga Mall in the southern Ontario town of Waterloo.

looking at the storefront in the mall

It’s part of a chain, so you might find one in the mall nearest you, too 🙂

pegboard wall of masks

Find everything from masks…

faerie perched on the edge of a shelf

… to faeries …

a shelf fulh

… little piggies …

Buddha sculpture

… garden gurus …

a Woman is like a tea bag ... you never know how strongshe is until you put her in hot water

… pithy sayings …

Close up of a stuffed tiger's face

… and furry friends.

text reads: what good can come from a day ... that starts with getting up

Full disclosure: I am not affiliated with Green Earth except as a customer.  Green Earth is a great store full of fun and off the beaten path gifts. Chances are you’ll find just the thing for that hard-to-find-the-right-thing-for person on your list. Whatever you need to get for Chrishanukwandiwaleid

Sculptures of hands holding uo two fingers to form the peace  or victory symbol

Tell you what, if you decide it is cooler to buy a fabulous gift rather than a boring old gift card, drop round Green Earth this week.

When you do, make sure to tell them you read about it here in Lothlaurien’s Lore 🙂

Waterloo Region Festivals and Such

Waterloo Festival for Animated Cinema - November 17-20 2011, The Chrysalids Theatre, Kitcheneer, Ontario - www DOT wfac DOT caPoster illustration by Andrew Kolb


The 11th annual Waterloo Festival for Animated Cinema is on now, running until November 20th at Kitchener’s Chrysalids Theatre located at 137 Ontario Street North. Founded in 2001 to promote, review and celebrate feature length animated films, being the only annual festival for animated films intended for adult audiences in the world.

coming in december

[Last I heard there were a couple of spots left for vendors at both these shows, but space is available on a first-come-first-served basis.  If they’re all gone now, don’t blame me!]

December 3rd is the Forgotten Artists Market Christmas Shop, a showcase for the work of local authors, musicians and amateur photographers; You’ll find Books/e-books, CDs, home decor; author readings, musical performances, and refreshments. Admission is free to the event, which runs from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m at Emmanuel United Church, located at 22 Bridgeport Rd. W., Waterloo; 519-880-8533 The show is organized by The Writer’s Path

A little later into the month is The G33K Art Show featuring the work of sci-fi, fantasy, animation, alternative and many other unique artists and craftsmen will be held December 17 – 18th, 2011. Admission is free to the show, which is being held at the Kaufman Arts Studio, 132 Queen Street South, Kitchener.


Today a serendipitous photo blog.

Front of the tiny Finer showing the cool "take out" sign

I picked up a hand cut french fries, awesome burger with fried onions
and an A&W root beer (woo hoo!) from Mark’s Downtown Diner
(beside the Gaukel Street bus depot) in Kitchener,
and was minding my own business having lunch
in Kitchener’s idyllic Victoria Park…

looking way up at the statue of Victoria

…when the afternoon was shaken up by the rumbling of loud engines.

atrio of propellor planes flying formation

It was at that point I remembered that tomorrow

Saturday 19 June 2001

is the first day of  the

as they roar over my head trailing ornamental smoke

Waterloo/Wellington Flight Center’sAviation Airshow & Expo

Three fly over, two trail smoke

In the early days of aviation flyers would travel from town to town
putting on shows and selling rides.

To whip up excitement they would buzz around and capture the attention of the townsfolk.

The three planes fly away again.
Just like they did today. I haven’t been to an airshow in years,
but this one has caught my fancy.

Not only will the Snowbirds be there, but the most famous
“celebrity” plane in the world –the Memphis Belle– will be there too.
This airshow runs both Saturday and Sunday.


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